We live in an age of data. The evidence is clear and the judgement made: decisions made with the right data - in both quality and quantity - are more reliable, effective and transparent.

Allaxa brings a clarity of insight and understanding to this crucial aspect of implementing strategy and meeting goals through the application of a science-based approach  in creating an evidence base.

We achieve this by a rigorouss approach towards data in the key areas of:

Psychometrics  & Assessment

Culture and Communications

Behavioural Economics trials

Data Analytics & Big Data

Incorporating evidence-based understanding and action is the key to success.

Human Resources

Brand and Consumers


We optimise how the people outside and inside your organisation drive growth and outcomes

We understand people and we understand data

We change behaviours

Cognitive Technology is central to how your future, both personal and work, is being created and it is driven by the quality and quantity of data available.

If you use Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google

If you use Uber, Flyt or any smart mobile App system

If you use Netflix, Amazon or any recommendation system

Welcome to Cognitive Technology

Cognitive Technology encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Mobile and Gamification systems employed in peoples' real lives. It has made huge advances which are now in growing daily use.

In Consumption, Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Sustainability  and Social Media behaviours Cognitive Technologies are powerfully  impacting how people make choices and behave in everyday life.

Within any specific area of human behaviour there are three core ways these capabilities impact the social and work lives of people:

Enhancing products we all regularly us:  Smartphones, Cards & Apps

Enhancing processes we all use regularly: On-line banking, Social Media

Enhancing insight using Big Data:  Search, Recommendation tools

At Allaxa we believe these technologies are central to creating a vibrant and succesful future and we have the capability to assess, understand, define and optimise how these technologies can be incorporated and focussed towards creating human aligned solutions using Behavioural Science as our guide.

We do this by a keeping people at the centre of the creation of any solution being proposed - Cognitive Technology is a tool not a panacea.

For an appreciation of whether this is hype or substance call us.


Behavioural Sciences

Understanding how the people that make up your world, from the CEO to the Consumer, think, feel and behave is key to creating positive outcomes for all those involved in creating a positive future.

Allaxa brings a clarity of insight and innovation to this crucial aspect of implementing strategy and meeting goals through deploying the Behavioural Sciences in creating both understanding and action.

We do this by a comprehensive approach in the Psychology and Behaviour of:




Social Networks

Incorporating evidence-based understanding and action is the key to success.

Philosophy:  if we believe in your purpose, believe we can add real value and believe we can get on as people then we should work together - otherwise we shouldn't!



Financial Services

insight ¬ innovation ¬ impact

Social Challenges